A 5-day quick overview of TRC20 USDT Airdrop

On July 20, TRON completed the fifth day of the TRC20-based USDT 30million incentive plan to early adopters. Below is a quick overview of the airdrop stats.

In the table above, the first column indicates the snapshot date, the second column is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for that day, the third column represents the total amount of TRC20-based USDT existed so far, the fourth column is the number of TRC20 USDT airdrop on the specific date and the last column is the number of accounts that received the airdrop reward for that day.

The amount of TRC20 USDT rewarded on the first day was the highest so far because of the 100% APR for the first day. A total of 195,253.187456 of TRC20 USDT was airdrop to TRC20 USDT holders for that day. After the fifth snapshot, a total of 387,784.172932 TRC20 USDT had been rewarded.

Out of the first five days, the highest number of accounts holding TRC20 USDT was on the second day (July 17), a total of 1605 accounts had been rewarded on that day with 50% APR. There was a decrease of accounts holding TRC20 after the 50% APR on the second day but the amount of TRC20 USDT accounts gradually increased after that.

Overall, based on the 5 days analysis, there is an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the community. TRON Foundation also stated publicly that they will decide if there will be an extension of the incentive plan or a new plan instead based on community feedback. If there’s a new incentive plan in the future, perhaps multiple 100% or 50% APR introduced throughout different points within the entire airdrop timeframe may help retain the amount of TRC20 USDT account holders.

Lastly, we hope this airdrop event will get more crypto exchanges to adopt USDT-TRON (TRC20-based USDT) as its fast transaction speed and free transfer nature will benefit more users over the world!