A summary of TRC20 USDT airdrop incentive plan

On August 15, TRON has completed its 31 days airdrop incentive plan. The incentive plan starts from July 15 and rewards TRC20 USDT to whoever holding TRC20 based USDT on a daily basis.

To date, TRON has airdropped 776,931.269590 USDT to a total of 51357 accounts. According to the USDT price on Bitfinex, the total value of the reward in 31 days was equivalent to $779,369.48.

One should remember that this airdrop is unlike a lot of other cryptocurrency airdrops where the tokens are created with minimal or no cost. TRC20 based USDT is the same as USDT which is 100% backed by Tether reserves, which include traditional currency, cash equivalents, and other assets and receivables from loans made by Tether to third parties.

The USDT-TRON incentive plan was a success and more accounts are holding and using USDT-TRON. If you are a crypto exchange or platform and would like to use TRC20 USDT, kindly contact [email protected] to integrate TRC20 USDT to your platform. If you are an individual seeking to buy, sell or trade USDT-TRON in your country, kindly fill-up the form to get on the waiting list.

Lastly, TRON is also considering if there will be an extension of this incentive plan or a new plan instead based on community feedback. Therefore, feel free to leave us your feedback or suggestion to let us know what’s the best way to reward early USDT-TRON adopters!