TRON rescheduled $20M USDT-TRON Incentive Plan following Tether controversy

On April 29, the CEO of TRON – Justin Sun made a tweet postponing the original USDT-TRON $20M incentive plan to a later date following Tether controversy. The current $20M airdrop period now scheduled to start from May 7 to August 17, which also runs for 100 days.

This change of plan is most probably related to the recent outbreak where the New York Attorney General’s office alleged that Bitfinex crypto exchange illegally borrowed $850 million from the Tether’s stablecoin reserve. Justin Sun had made a statement that TRON will closely follow the events with Tether.

We have updated the new $20M incentive plan schedule on We will also post the original incentive plan schedule along with the updated incentive plan schedule below for your reference.

Original $20M USDT-TRON incentive plan
Updated $20M USDT-TRON incentive plan